ambit adds a new dimension to traditional security solutions and emergency management solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Tighter and more intelligent security
  • Greater forewarning of possible incidents
  • Actionable information from raw data
  • Enhanced decision-making capability
  • Situational awareness for the organization and employees
  • Personalized monitoring and enterprise support at the employee’s request
  • Complete audit trail of what happened and when
  • Integration with traditional security systems
  • Access control functionality
  • Automation of organizational policies and processes
  • Operational improvements
  • Improved risk management
  • Positive impact on the entire organization

Key Features:

  • ambit is private: registered users only, all messages are archived
  • ambit is authenticated: all messages flow from the organization to the workforce, or workforce to organization
  • ambit is secure: all communications are encrypted
  • ambit is easy: users access ambit on any or all of their registered mobile devices via a Web or native app. Users can reply to messages sent by the enterprise with one or two clicks. It’s easy to install and operate. Integrates with other systems
  • ambit empowers the best sensors on earth—people—capitalizing on their wisdom, experience and instincts. ambit has the ability to receive and analyze personal observations, GPS locations and photographs that provide security staff with a more complete picture of incoming reports
  • ambit provides unprecedented organizational and analytic capabilities enabling security personnel to be more efficient and precise
  • All ambit message traffic is managed in the Cloud, meaning that a large influx of messages that might come during an emergency situation, will not overwhelm or compromise existing enterprise systems. Immense amounts of incoming data can be automatically sorted and analyzed almost immediately, allowing security personnel to make more informed decisions, faster
  • And best of all ambit requires no capital investment and no new infrastructure