ambit is a new approach to security and emergency management

A patented, leading-edge technology and two-way, private, managed messaging service created to bring a broader, more personal and intuitive level of security to today’s modern workforce both inside and away from the workplace. ambit uses the power and versatility of smart mobile devices to connect an organization to its employees, wherever they are located.


Maxxess systems announces the first “Unifying Security Solution”™

April 05 2016
Press Release

Call for K-12 schools to pilot a new type of security solution.

April 05 2016
Press Release

Maxxess Announces The Release of ambit, a Groundbreaking Communications Technology That Adds New Dimensions to Traditional Security Solutions

September 16 2014
Press Release

ambit’s innovations

ambit’s innovations, including the proprietary, patented format of both outgoing and incoming messages and its Cloud-based message management environment allows the messaging service to be used in many ways adding valuable, cost-effective and time-saving benefits for not only the security and risk management teams, but across every level of the enterprise.

ambit benefits everyone in the organization-from the CEO to the new employee


CEOs Like ambit For: 

  • Situational awareness
  • Faster Information Analysis
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Tighter communication between management and employees


COOs Like ambit For:

  • Operational advantages for every department
  • Tracking of reports and requests, and organizational follow-up
  • Measuring employee satisfaction through organizational response


CFOs Like ambit For:

  • No capital investment
  • High financial return
  • No impact on organizational infrastructure


CTOs Like ambit For:

  • Requiring no new infrastructure 
  • Integration with other systems
  • Easy installation
  • Easy mobilization of existing applications

Security is the heart of the enterprise.
ambit is security

Risk Managers

Risk Managers Like ambit For:

  • Increased warning of an event
  • Two-way connectivity during an event 
  • Adaptive response
  • Post-event audit trail
  • Simulating events 
  • Training exercises and analysis
  • Increased safety of lone workers
  • Privacy managed by individual employees

Facility Managers

Facility Managers Like ambit For:

  • Authenticated Reporting
  • Private and secure two-way messaging
  • Automatic verification of who reports and from what location
  • Photographic verification

HR Managers

HR Managers Like ambit For:

  • Building a sense of identity with the company
  • Building a sense of community within the company
  • Fostering a people-oriented culture
  • Reaching remote workers
  • Broadcast and survey capabilities


Employees Like ambit For:

  • Better personal security at work
  • Sense of empowerment 
  • Direct two-way communication with the company during an emergency
  • Understanding (Situational Awareness) of what is happening during an event